Our Firm

Chance and Choices SL – CHao  is an international consulting firm focused on the roadmap to a clean world from the traditional fossil fuels to the new emerging decarbonized and renewables energy markets, providing Sustainable Business Assessment and Strategic Advice to players in the whole energy spectrum, energy companies, equipment and technology providers, think tanks and governments.

The Energy Industry has unique features.

Volatility in prices and returns, fast technological innovation, high geopolitical risk, constant development of regulation and increasing globalization are the marks of an ever-changing scenario, creating challenges and opportunities for its multiple players.

With a deep knowledge of the energy landscape and strong strategic capabilities, Chance and Choices SL – CHao provides a distinctive service, helping clients to create value across the complex energy markets. 

Our Vision

The Energy Transition Roadmap

Climate change has become a major concern of the XXI century, and a very remarkable aspect of the COVID19 crisis is its ability to focus and accelerate processes of change for which technology was already virtually available.

New social and economic expectations have consolidated in the path marked by the 17 UN-driven sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement.

Under this new paradigm, the transition to a decarbonized world economy fosters the shift from the current energy mix to greener and more sustainable sources of energy.

Sustainable Solutions

  • Transforming the traditional Energy Markets: Fossil fuels.
  • Energy Decarbonization Bridge: Natural Gas, LNG, Gas & Power.
  • Sustainable Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar and Renewable Gas/Hydrogen, G2P.

Our Approach

We are a group of highly qualified senior professionals of the Energy Industry with diverse and complementary backgrounds, working together in Tailor-made Integrated Teams.

With decades of international experience in the private sector and the public function, we have built a robust body of knowledge and an extensive network of contacts across a wide range of technical, operational and business-related disciplines around the world.

An innovative, flexible and competitive alternative

We are a flexible team of independent experts, developing our practice as embedded team.

Our philosophy is to work with the client; not for the client.