Wind, Solar and Clean Hydrogen

A Sustainable New Renewable Energy Word: Wind, Solar and Clean Hydrogen

On-shore, Off-Shore and Floating Wind Farms & Large Scale Solar Projects

Impressive cost reductions in renewables and advances in technology are opening huge opportunities for energy transitions.

According to IEA Sustainable Development Scenario, wind and solar will provide almost all the growth in electricity generation to 2040.

Green and Blue Hydrogen

The time is right to tap into hydrogen´s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future.

The clean hydrogen sector can help tackle various critical energy challenges and is ready to play its essential role in decarbonizing our economies and is a perfect partner to the European Green Deal, enabling the realization of its climate, environmental and economic development goals.

Energy Storage – Battery – Fuel Cell – Mobility

The clean energy sector of the future needs both batteries and electrolyzers. Battery manufacturing is growing but there is significant room to scale up further.

Energy storage, electrolyzers and fuel-cells industry is in its early stages, but growth is picking up

Renewable Gas: BioGas – BioMethane

The search for liquid fuel replacement is gaining urgency, bringing new supply options into the marketplace.

Recent growth in the biogas and biomethane sectors is showing promise, as they have been continuously increasing over the past decade reaching more than 18,000 biogas and 610 biomethane plants in Europe by the end of 2018.