Inception Sights

How we can help?

Strategic Choices

Business models are evolving and adjusting to new players, new customers’ excitations and regulatory requirements.

We generate options. We multiply opportunities. We identify key factors for competitive advantage and success.

We help clients spot the Chance in the fast-changing energy world and make their Choices.

With strong market intelligence and a deep understanding of technological trends and innovation, we help identify, evaluate and select opportunities in the energy sector.

  • Global Market Intelligence.
  • Regional Analysis.
  • Market disaggregation.
  • Trends and forecasts.
  • Counterparties profiles.
  • Strategic Alliances.

Decision-Making Support

Years of hands-on and field experience and a wide array of competencies build strong strategic, business and operational insights to support complex decision-making

We support client along the internal decision process, ensuring alignment of business model to overarching corporate strategy.

We create short-cuts to efficient decisions. We provide an external eye to challenge misconceptions and prioritize projects, to achieve a resilient portfolio constructed upon a strong financial framework.

  • New Business Strategy.
  • Business Plans.
  • Portfolio Analysis and Optimization.
  • Quality review and Robustness Testing.
  • Risk Evaluation and Management.
  • Financial modelling.
  • Board and executive presentations.