Oil and Gas Markets

Transforming the traditional Oil and Gas Markets


The E&P scene is going through fundamental changes in its business models, driven by new technology, geopolitical shifts and the transition to a decarbonized economy.

We help producers and consumers navigate this new scenario.

We identify, assess and manage the risks and new clean opportunities arising along the whole value chain, as renewable hydrogen production, from the very early stages of screening and exploration throughout development, production and decommissioning or new sustainable uses.


We give support to clients faced with the challenge of embracing strategies that can enable the oil refining and marketing and petrochemical sectors to develop sustainably.

We have experience in guiding players through an increasingly regulated framework for the reconversion and expansion of units, site remediation, reduction of contaminants, implementation of AI and other technologies, opening and expansion of new markets for their products and new renewable gas as biomethane, green hydrogen … etc.

  • Oil & Gas Strategy and Decarbonization Pathway.
  • Alternative Business Models and large-scale transformation.
  • Integrated oil and natural gas project development.
  • Policy and Regulatory Risk.
  • Marketing and Trading Strategy.
  • Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCUS).
  • E&P Contracts revision and negotiation
  • Petrochemical Integration: Processing and tolling agreements.